Trichologist consultation

Trichologist consultation in Dnipro 

Beautiful hair is a person’s calling card. The surrounding people admire the thick, elastic, shiny strands that adorn the appearance. But hair loss, deterioration of their quality, the appearance of dandruff are not uncommon in the modern world, and bad ecology, stress, improper nutrition, and disturbances in the functioning of the body are involved. Moreover, the situation can worsen in a very short time, and no cosmetic products will help to radically fix it.

The only correct option is a consultation by a trichologist 

As soon as a person notes the occurrence of any problems with the scalp or hair, one should not experiment with shampoos and masks, but immediately contact a trichologist (trichology is one of the areas of dermatovenerology that deals with hair and problems such as baldness, brittle hair, dandruff, itching, burning, redness, dryness or oily scalp). This is a specialist with whom the fight against hair loss will not be so difficult and lengthy. You don’t need to try all the new cosmetics, you don’t need to waste time, you have to contact a professional. He will conduct a thorough diagnosis, find out the reasons due to which the disorders or disease have arisen, prescribe the correct treatment, which will definitely give the desired result, and make recommendations for the prevention of such problems.

Why the hair falls out 

There are many reasons for hair loss. They can have a negative impact individually as well as in a complex manner. For example, poor nutrition, a strict diet, restriction of protein intake, lack of vitamins and minerals, can provoke increased hair loss. If a person is also suffering from some kind of hormonal disorder, it can cause the hair to begin to remain abundantly on the hands, on a comb, pillow, or clothes. Stress plays an important role in this problem.

Androgenic alopecia 

Another reason for hair loss and even complete baldness of certain areas of the head is the negative effect of androgen – the male sex hormone. It affects the follicles located in the parietal and frontal regions of the head in men and in the region of the central parting of the head and its lateral surfaces in women. The effect of the hormone does not allow the follicles to reproduce in the same size or makes their growth impossible. With each new cycle, the characteristics of the rods deteriorate – they become less thick, strong, flexible, shiny, begin to fade, thinner, shorten, and gradually stop growing at all.

Stress and baldness 

There’s a term – stress hair loss. It has been scientifically proven that shocks and severe emotional distress can cause this problem. Immediately after experiencing stress, hair follicles can prematurely transition from the growth phase (anagen) to the resting phase (catagen). And after 2-3 months after a strong emotional shock, the hair goes to the final stage of the life cycle – telogen – hair loss. If a person is constantly experiencing severe stress, hair loss is also permanent.

Diffuse hair loss 

Diffuse hair loss is most common in women, but it affects men as well as teenagers. This condition is characterized by a partial loss of hair (severe thinning) over the entire surface of the head and a disorder of the structure of the hair itself. If normally to shed 100 hairs a day, if you have diffuse alopecia – 5, or even 6 times more. Factors contributing to the development of such pathology – from hormonal disorders and inflammatory processes in the body to the consequences of trauma and an unstable mental state of a person. In many cases, diffuse alopecia is associated just with the state of exhaustion of the body, but, as a rule, many factors add up and reinforce each other.

Diagnostics of hair and scalp 

In order to accurately determine the cause of certain problems, as well as in order to prescribe the correct treatment, the doctor must examine the patient. This process begins with the collection of anamnesis – the specialist asks the patient about the symptoms (the age of the problem, the amount of hair falling out, the cyclicality of hair loss, loss of volume), what worries him/her, finds out the details of hair care, lifestyle, regime and nature of the diet, etc. This is followed by an external examination of the scalp and hair, simple tests can be performed to assess the number of hairs falling out.

Trichoscopy, dermatoscopy (computer diagnostics of hair and skin cover respectively) also help in making an accurate diagnosis. During the research, modern high-precision equipment is used, for example, a trichoscopy, which is equipped with a powerful optical system. The image is displayed on a computer monitor with multiple magnifications – from 10 to 1000 times. The received data is processed using special software. It allows us to make an accurate diagnosis. If required, additional tests are prescribed, a referral is given for examination by other specialists. If not, treatment is prescribed, a plan of procedures is drawn up.

Hair loss Treatment, elimination of scalp problems 

Hair loss Treatment and diseases of the scalp require an integrated approach. It is likely that, in addition to the basic procedures, the doctor will schedule vitamins or give advice on the normalization of the diet. But the main therapies are related to restoring skin health, follicles, stabilization of the biochemical processes occurring in the tissues, saturation of tissues with vitamins, microelements, and other biologically active substances.

Alopecia Treatment

Several modern techniques are used to combat alopecia, among them – plasma lifting and mesotherapy, cell therapy. Plasmolifting is the introduction into the problem area of ​​platelet autoplasma, which is produced from the patient’s own blood and is a valuable source of vitamins, hormones, and proteins, elements responsible for the effective growth and regeneration of tissues. Our center also uses plasma obtained by the Endoret technique, enriched with growth factors.

Mesotherapy is a technique of injecting certain drugs (vitamin cocktails, etc.) into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) that have medicinal, rejuvenating, regenerative, and other beneficial properties.

Cell therapy Regenera Activa is a revolutionary technique that involves tissue regeneration using the patient’s own stem cells from the scalp. Such injections help to restore hair growth in case of baldness and improve the quality of the hair shafts.

Treatment of seborrhea 

Oily seborrhea on the scalp occurs when two processes are simultaneously activated – increased sebum production, as well as the reproduction and activation of pathogenic or opportunistic microflora, in particular fungal microorganisms. Therapy should be complex and etiotropic, that is, aimed at eliminating the triggering factors of the disease. In this case, plasmolifting, mesotherapy, or other treatment methods can also be used.

HairMed Hair Treatment and Transplantation – Make an appointment with a specialist 

If you have any problems with your hair or scalp, do not postpone your visit to the doctor until tomorrow, make an appointment today. If hair begins to fall out or dandruff appears, this will not go away by itself, the situation can only get worse. Moreover, the earlier the treatment is started, the easier it will be and the less time it will take.

Our patients are counseled by high-level specialists: 

  • Baranov Ivan Viktorovich – trichologist, transplant surgeon who has been engaged in therapeutic and surgical hair treatment for more than 12 years. 
  • Alina Aleksandrovna Prokhorenko is a trichologist-cosmetologist with more than 7 years of professional experience.
  • Vashchuk Karina Anatoliyivna – trichologist, cosmetologist, with 2 years of professional experience.

Our specialists have at their disposal advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment. They use the latest methods and modern drugs. 

An effective result in eliminating hair and scalp problems at an affordable price is possible. Visit the HairMed Trichology Center and see for yourself!

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Trichologist consultation