Hair transplantation in scar tissue

Scarring alopecia – extinction of hair growth on certain body zones after different mechanical injuries, burns, surgical maneuver. And also because of some skin diseases, that leads to substitution of the hair follicles with connective tissue. Social adaptation ability of the patient decreases, the quality of life worsens. In order to solve a problem, you can do such a procedure, that is called hair transplantation using microsurgical autotransplantation. Implant survival rate is more than 70% because of features of scar tissue. In case of a large zone in the recipient zone, the procedure is divided into 2 stages with an interval of 4 months or more. For every patient, an individual treatment plan will be made. 


Hair transplantation without sutures and incisions – indications

Undergo a procedure should advisably a patient, that has scars or cicatrixes on the scalp, in eyebrows, mustaches, beard, wrinkles zones.
That can happen due to: 

  1. Plastic surgery or craniectomy. 
  2. Injuries, including burns, mechanical ones. 
  3. Delivery of radiation therapy. 
  4. Post-acne, chicken pox and other diseases that cause cicatrization. 


Non-sutures hair transplantation using the FUE method is made not earlier than 10-12 months after an event that causes cicatrization or scarring.


How is the hair transplantation procedure made

Our experts use different hair transplantation methods depending on clinical case, indications and contraindications. For instance, doctors at our clinic are good at FUE, FUT, DHI, Long Hair technologies using Trivellini Tech. In order to choose a method that will 100% solve the problem of a client, you should consult with an expert and run a full diagnosis.  


How does the hair transplantation in scar tissue happen:

  • Local anesthesia is done for the patient. 
  • Using a special tool, grafts are taken (groups of hair follicles).
  • After that, they are given to assistants for further sorting.
  • In the recipient zone micro incisions are made, into which grafts are put (Hair units).
  • For implantation, a special micro tool for transplantation Choi implanter is used. It provides you with a natural angle of the hair inclination. 


Contraindications for procedure making

Transplantation is not allowed, when a patient has one or several ailments:

  1. Diabetes is in the decompensation stage.
  2. Diseases that are connected with blood clotting interference. 
  3. Mental diseases, interferences in acute type. 
  4. Any diseases or interferences of the integration of skin in donor or recipient zone. (Except cicatrix) 

About contraindications for procedure making, you can consult with a doctor at the initial appointment in our clinic.


Other services of our clinic experts

Hair transplantation in a scar – not the only service that experts of hair treatment and transplantation center ‘’HairMed’’ can make. We have trichologist-transplantologist consultation (Dnipro), where a doctor can give you information about all the features of the procedure, help you to prepare for it, and shorten the rehabilitation period. 


We invite you to visit a highly specialized hair treatment and transplantation center ‘’HairMed’’, where consultations on hair transplantation offers the founder of the center, hair trichologist-transplantologist with more than 12 years of experience, Ph. d. Baranov Ivan Viktorovych.

If hereditary baldness treatment is required, our experts can also choose optimal methods of therapy and the most effective preparations for becoming beautiful aesthetics results.


Hair treatment and transplantation center, Dnipro – the cost of services 

The cost of the hair transplant procedure includes: 

  1. Medical support in a center;
  2. Plasma therapy procedure; 
  3. Nutrition (We will ask about your preferences before the procedure);
  4. A set for care after the procedure. 


All consultations are by appointment. Leave a request through the form below or order a call back so that the administrator of our center can contact you and schedule a visit at a convenient time.

Also offering you to look through the hair transplantation value bundle.


Hair transplantation in scar tissue