Trichologist services – treatment of baldness and scalp diseases 

Trichology is not a separate branch of science, but rather one of the branches of dermatovenerology. Specialists of this profile deal with the problems of hair on the head and all over the body, as well as scalp diseases. People turn to a trichologist on various issues, but mainly the patients of this doctor want to normalize or improve hair growth, as well as get rid of dandruff or other skin diseases on the scalp.

Symptoms that can be addressed to a trichologist 

Patients with a trichological profile may complain of hair loss, deterioration in their quality, and a decrease in the density of the hair. However, every person’s hair falls out every day – this is part of their life cycle. But if a person drops out more than 100 hairs per day, if they remain in large quantities on the comb, in the bathroom drain, on the pillow – this is already a reason to visit a trichologist. Maybe it is alopecia or another serious disease, the development of which needs to be urgently stopped. The following symptoms should also alert you:

  •  Thinning hair shafts, increased fragility, weakness, dryness, lifelessness. 
  •  Early graying of the strands. 
  •  Slow hair growth. 
  •  Itching, burning scalp. 
  •  Dry or oily seborrhea. 
  •  Dandruff.

How’s the trichologist’s counseling going (Dnipro) 

At the first appointment, the specialist talks with the patient, asks about his complaints, tries to understand how and why this or that problem arose. The doctor also conducts a visual examination of the problem area and trichoscopy (Computer-aided hair and scalp diagnostics with multiple image magnification). If necessary, the specialist prescribes analyzes, additional research methods. May be prescribed: blood test, hormone test, scraping for lichen, etc. After receiving the research results, the doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes the appropriate treatment.

What methods of treatment is used by an experienced doctor trichologist 

Trichology is one of the few areas of medicine that uses a fairly wide range of treatment methods. A specialist can prescribe medications in combination with physiotherapeutic methods – mesotherapy, plasma lifting, Endoret, Regenera Activa cell therapy, lipofilling. The listed techniques have long been proven to be highly effective in combating hair loss, as well as various diseases of the scalp. Also, each client is individually assigned high-quality home hair and scalp care in order to prevent the occurrence of similar problems in the future.

In difficult cases, when conservative methods are powerless or ineffective, surgical treatment is used – hair transplantation (including eyebrows, beards, mustaches). After the transplant, the patient does not have any visible scars or other signs of such procedure; both men and women can do it.

How to make an appointment with a trichologist at the HairMed Center

Fighting hair loss is a difficult challenge for anyone who faces a similar problem. You should not rely on ordinary cosmetics – masks, special shampoos, serums. If they help, then the effect will not be pronounced and lasting. As soon as you find the problem, do not hesitate, sign up for a consultation with a specialist who will help identify the cause of hair loss and choose the necessary treatment.

Our medical center employs qualified specialists who take on the most difficult tasks. And modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, effective drugs help them achieve excellent success in the fight for the health and beauty of your hair. 

All consultations are by appointment. Leave a request through the form below or request a call back so that the administrator of our center will contact you and schedule a visit at a convenient time.



Mesotherapy is a technique of microinjections with specialized preparations containing vitamins, minerals, plant phytoestrogens, DHT blockers necessary for hair growth and health, in problem scalp areas.


PRP therapy is a powerful anti-aging procedure that starts the process of cell renewal.  The procedure is absolutely natural and uses only the body’s own resources

Dermatologist consultation

Dermatological diseases are one of the most common. This is due to the fact that the human skin is a natural barrier that protects the body from external factors. It takes on the first blow from pathogens and also largely reflects the state of the whole organism. At the same time, the skin is always in sight, especially when it comes to the face, head, and hands.

Trichologist consultation

Beautiful hair is a person's calling card. The surrounding people admire the thick, elastic, shiny strands that adorn the appearance. But hair loss, deterioration of their quality, the appearance of dandruff are not uncommon in the modern world, and bad ecology, stress, improper nutrition, and disturbances in the functioning of the body are involved. Moreover, the situation can worsen in a very short time, and no cosmetic products will help to radically fix it.

Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment

A unique patented system for mechanical disaggregation of the patient’s biomaterial and stem cell production allows the isolation of vascular stromal stem cells that can regenerate tissues and hair.

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