Hair shaft recovery

Eco-reconstruction of the hair – is a procedure that causes the return of all micro and macro elements in the hair shaft, that was given by nature from the outset.
The effect after the procedure:
recovery of the hair structure;
– smoothness, elasticity, density and shine of hair;
– protection from chemical and mechanical damage;
– protection from atmospheric influence;
– good and easy combing;
– a healthy look.

Reconstruction of the hair shaft is not connected with beauty salon procedures like ‘’keratin straightening’’ or ‘’lamination’’, which help only to make the hair sparkle. In the case of lamination, the hair is sealed on the top with a keratin membrane that is gradually washed out with the hair’s natural keratin. We are for the hair health, so we recover them from inside, without damaging, using the most effective, safe and ecological components. 

Hair rehabilitation occurs with the use of professional cosmetological substances with vitamins, ceramides, minerals and amino acids included. Organic production of premium class is used. It has a natural formula, that excludes aggressive components, that can make a negative impact on an already weakened head. Moreover, the presence of natural stuff minimizes the possibility of scalp allergic reaction appearance. 

The specialists of our center can run the most modern hair procedures. We invented a number of recovery and rehabilitation authorial programs, selecting which an expert takes into account individual features of a patient. As a result, you get an absolutely amazing effect – thick, silken, elastic and shiny hair that is easily combed, nourished and radiates health. 

Hair and scalp health procedures in the center ‘’HairMed’’

The individual struggle against hair dryness and fatness at home can take a lot of time and give no results. That is why, when you have some symptoms, immediately contact an expert: 

  • Hair loss. 
  • Dryness, brittleness, dullness. 
  • Split ends. 
  • Skin or hair fatness. 
  • Dandruff. 
  • Signs of diseases of the scalp.

An expert of our center will run diagnosis, including use of trichoscope (equipment for microscopic examination of the hair and scalp). After that, he will give a detailed assessment of the tissue condition and refer you to a scalp peeling, appropriate care procedures for hair, stimulating procedures for hair growth, and also will select home care. 

The consultation of the technologist-trichologist in the center “HairMed” in Dnipro

All consultations are by appointment. Leave a request through the form below or order a call back so that the administrator of our center can contact you and schedule a visit at a convenient time.

Hair shaft recovery