Every day the skin of the face is affected negatively by different factors: unfavorable ecology, the influence of ultraviolet rays, dust.
Skin health is also influenced by unhealthy nutrition and stress. All this causes such problems: the skin becomes dry, pigmentation, acne or comedo appears. Not always skin manages to clean itself and it needs help. Such help will be face cleaning (mechanical, ultrasonic or combined) in the HairMed center in Dnipro.

Facial cleansing is shown by oily skin with clogged pores, and also having not inflamed acne rash. The sense of the cleaning involves removal of the comedo manually using special sterile equipment. Exactly sterility is the main reason why this procedure shouldn’t be done at home. 

The procedure is a bit painful, but only such cleaning remains the most careful. Better than all the other cleansing it removes black dots, spots, acne and miliums from the skin.
After the cleaning, reddening can remain for several hours – it depends on sensitivity and condition of the skin.
The frequency of the cleansing is different for everyone: for somebody it is enough to do it once per 3 months, somebody can be calm for 6 months (on condition, that at home the face is correctly cleaned), and people with oily skin should do this procedure once per month.

Contraindications to the mechanical facial cleansing

Main contraindications are dry and sensitive skin, prone to inflammation, hypertensive disease, herpes, eczema, dermatitis, furunculosis, bronchial asthma, allergic reactions. Besides that, cleansing is not lead during menstruation, and before it, because inflammation can appear.

Facial cleansing result

The result of facial cleansing is good breathing skin with barely noticeable pores, a consistent color, and the almost complete absence of comedones and pimples.

After facial cleansing procedure

After cleansing it is forbidden to use water to wash yourself during the next 12 hours. During one week after the procedure, you should to use a lotion that doesn’t contain alcohol. Because of the fact that skin needs to rest and recover, you should not stay in the sun, attend solarium and swim. Moreover, if crusts appear on the skin in the injured zone, you shouldn’t touch them, because scars can form. 

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