Mesotherapy is a technique of microinjections with specialized preparations containing vitamins, minerals, plant phytoestrogens, DHT blockers necessary for hair growth and health, in problem scalp areas.

In trichology, mesotherapy is used as part of a comprehensive hair treatment:

  • Growth acceleration;
  • Normalization of prolapse;
  • To improve the hair quality, to improve the scalp skin;
  • It is also possible to use mesotherapy for prophylactic purposes.

During hair mesotherapy procedures, the necessary substances and vitamins are delivered to the hair follicles and scalp cells using micro-dolls using a thin needle of a special syringe. The results of the mesotherapy for hair are an improvement in structure and quality, acceleration of growth and stopping of excessive loss, scalp improvement.  Microinjections nourish active hair follicles, balance metabolic processes in the scalp, and activate dormant bulbs. 

The course of mesotherapy can include 8-16 sessions with an interval of 7-14 days and maintenance therapy (1 session every 3 weeks, 4 sessions).

Scalp mesotherapy will help with the following hair problems:

  • Hair loss;
  • Thinning hair;
  • Dry scalp;
  • Oily scalp;
  • Brittle and split hair;
  • Helps to improve microcirculation and overall healing of the scalp.

Contraindications for hair mesotherapy procedures:

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Clotting disorder;
  • Extensive inflammatory processes;
  • Intolerance to some drugs;
  • Exacerbation of acute and chronic diseases;
  • Psycho-emotional non-stability and mental disorders;
  • Hair mesotherapy procedures are not recommended during periods.

How hair mesotherapy occurs

At the “HairMed” (Hair Treatment and Transplant Center), mesotherapy procedures are performed by qualified doctors.  To obtain the maximum result from the procedure, the mesopreparations and the technique of their introduction are selected individually by the trichologist.  Preparations are administered via microinjection with a very thin needle syringe. Thanks to this, each injection not only delivers a therapeutic “cocktail” to the skin, but also acts as acupuncture, acting on the active points of the scalp and stimulating blood circulation and metabolic processes.

After each procedure, doctors recommend that you refrain from washing your hair for 1-3 days.  An improvement in the condition of the patient’s scalp, as a rule, notices after 1-3 procedures.

But in order to see a clear increase in hair growth, it usually takes more time.

To maintain the effect, doctors recommend that after completing the course, repeat single procedures once a month.  In some cases, a repeat of the entire course is prescribed after 3-8 months. Also, to enhance the result, it is possible to combine hair mesotherapy procedures with plasma injections. The cost of hair mesotherapy is determined individually at the specialised medical consultation and depends on the features of the preparations used in the cocktail and the number of final injections included in the course of treatment.

Before the procedure

Before prescribing a course of hair and scalp mesotherapy procedures at “HairMed”, a trichologist discusses in detail with each patient a number of questions regarding the patient’s health, ascertains the general state of a person, whether there are any reactions to certain medications, and conducts the necessary of scalp and hair diagnosis. Then, the doctor selects a complex of preparations that will be part of the future “beauty cocktail”, and draws up a plan-course of medical procedures.

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