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Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment


Восстановение волос Regenera



The state-of-the-art Spanish technique for active hair regeneration is now at HairMed.

Regenera® (original name Rigenera) is a device specifically designed for clinical use in regenerative therapy using patient’s stromal-vascular fraction cells.

A unique patented system for mechanical disaggregation of the patient’s biomaterial and stem cell production allows the isolation of vascular stromal stem cells that can regenerate tissues and hair.




Why Regenera
Cellular Hair Therapy – Regenera is an innovative hair restoration method for anyone who is already desperate to solve the problem of thinning and severe hair loss.  Regenera is a modern way to treat hereditary baldness in the initial stages.

восстановление волос днепр

Effect from Regenera procedure
Regenera stem cell therapy shows amazing results in just 1 treatment. The first results of hair regrowth are already visible after 21 days.

Indications for use REGENERA

  • Androgenic alopecia of men and women (hereditary baldness) of the diffuse type;
  • Hair thinning after stress;
  • Cicatrix alopecia (undergoing clinical trials).

Method and safety
The Regenera method is absolutely safe and has no analogues!


To isolate stem cells, a specialist removes a tiny tissue norma from the nape. The norma is placed in a Regenera apparatus to disaggregate the patient’s biomaterial and produce stem cells. The device is used without contact and mechanical impact with the patient. Isolated stromal-vascular stem cells are injected into hair growth sites. For the patient, the whole process has a minimum of pain and does not require special treatment aftercare.

Cellular hair restoration therapy using the Regenera device is a complex process of stem cell isolation for the treatment of damaged areas.  The procedure is carried out by one of the few certified specialists in Ukraine according to this technique – I.V. Baranov.
The cost of hair regeneration therapy is determined individually at an advisory reception.

You can get more information about Regenera hair restoration methods and make an attendance with a specialist by phone: +38 (096) 887 0 337.

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Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment

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