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Trichologist-Transplantologist Consultation

Looking for an answer how to cure split and thin hair?
Do you think what to do if the hair falls out, and how to stop hair loss and baldness?
Alas, you will not find answers on the Internet, you need the advice of an experienced Trichologist!


A trichologist will help:

  • to determine the cause of a hair problem;
  • to provide professional treatment of hair loss or baldness;
  • to Pick up the right care products for your hair and scalp.

When to contact a trichologist?

If you encounter problems such as:

  • Violation of the hair structure (brittle, thin hair, split ends), after coloring, irons and perms;
  • Hair thinning: androgenic, diffuse or focal;
  • Scalp diseases (dandruff, itching, psoriasis);
  • Profuse hair loss (more than 100 hair / day);
  • Oily or dry scalp;
  • Brittle, thin hair, split ends.


During the consultation:
A trichologist will discuss in detail a number of issues related to health, find out the general state of health, existing chronic diseases, which medications are taken and much more.  This is necessary to determine the possible problems that cause hair loss, and the causes of possible hair diseases can be many, for example:

  • Hormonal changes and metabolic disorders in the human body;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Stress, fatigue, nervous tension, improper care;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, frequent unbalanced diets.

The initial consultation includes: external examination and micro-video hair and scalp diagnostics.

The Center uses modern trichoscopy equipment for the scalp and hair with a magnifying ability of 60, 200 and 1000 times, so you can study the hair conditions, as well as establish the cause of hair loss.  The image in real time is displayed on the monitor and makes it possible to determine the quality of the skin and blood vessels, characterize the activity of the sebaceous glands and the quality of the perifollicular zone, structure, thickness, hair growth density and a possible cause of baldness. In addition to micro-video diagnostics, the trichologist gives the patient a referral for additional tests and consultations with general practitioners.

Upon completion of the consultation, after clarifying the cause of hair problems or identifying a disease, the doctor may suggest treatment options. In severe cases of hair loss, a hair transplant may be recommended to the patient. Throughout the entire period of treatment, you can ask questions and receive online answers through instant messengers. A trichologist can prescribe a follow-up visit after 2-4 months from the start of treatment. Come to the consultation at HairMed, where the most modern methods of hair treatment, alopecia (alopecia) of various shapes and degrees of difficulty, and treatment of scalp diseases are used. The selection of treatment is made after the diagnosis of scalp and hair diagnostics during an advisory reception.

All consultations in “HairMed” are by appointment.  To make an appointment, use the form below!

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Trichologist-Transplantologist Consultation

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