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Technologist-Trichologist Consultation

Hair Reconstitution Procedures

At the HairMed Center, the procedure is carried out by an experienced Technologist-Trichologist, a specialist in the sector of care and selection of professional cosmeceutics for hair and scalp – Varlamova Oksana Vladimirovna.

Technologist-Trichologist Consultation



  • Focus area of the Technologist-Trichologist
    • Hair detoxification;
    • Cosmeceutics selection;
    • Deep hair nutrition;
    • Protection of hair from external influences;
    • Restoring the shaft and structure of the hair;
    • Hair eco-reconstruction and scalp care;
    • Cleansing peels for dry and oily scalp;
    • Hair chemistry (Botox, reconstruction and restoration);
    • Spa treatments for scalp, hair and hair shaft.

    Based on organic methods of hair shaft restoration. Our goal is to achieve a luxurious, healthy, strong hair with loyal methods, using organics and ultrasound.

    Hair shaft reconstitution.

Technologist-Trichologist Consultation

Human hair is an integral skin appendage containing a huge amount of chemicals, most of which are keratin, protein, mineral compounds, lipids, pigment melanin, trace elements, water. The hair itself consists of a root (or follicle) and a shaft. It is important to nourish, fill and restore the hair shaft, which is exactly what the procedures are aimed at.

Hair reconstitution is a complex of procedures and treatments aimed at restoring the natural chemical composition of hair, due to which density, smoothness and shine are restored.

As a result of regular dyeing, the use of hair dryers, irons and poor-quality care products, problems such as dryness, brittleness and hair loss appears.  Therefore, the procedure for reconstruction (restoration) of the hair shaft is becoming more popular.


Scalp peeling.

For the most people, peeling is associated with peeling of the face or body, while peeling of the scalp remains in the shade. Although many do not know that scalp peeling gives positive results in the fight against a number of scalp diseases.

In addition, peeling of the scalp stimulates hair growth, regulates the sebaceous glands and eliminates dandruff. Scalp peeling is effect on the skin by means of organic components (in the case of HairMed), which allow you to clean the skin from the accumulation of sebium and cosmetic residues for styling.  But the most important thing is to clean the skin of dead epidermal cells, which slow down “skin respiration” by accumulating metabolic products, which leads to various scalp diseases and deterioration of the hair condition as a whole.

Thanks to this procedure, the scalp is cleansed, the internal reserves of the hair are restored and its regeneration occurs. Peeling enhances blood circulation, improves metabolism, helps in relieving spasm of blood vessels, promotes the penetration of nutrients that are applied after (masks, serums, vitamin and mineral complexes).

At the HairMed Trichology Center, scalp peeling is carried out only on the basis of natural ingredients, essential oils, phytoactives, natural sorbents and under the supervision of a trichologist.

SPA treatments for hair health prevention. Hair is one of the person riches, which is given to him by nature and is an indicator of healthy body. Healthy shiny curls have long been a standard of beauty and an integral component of attractiveness. To maintain healthy hair, SPA treatments for preventing healthy hair are very helpful.  These helpful and enjoyable treatments focus on deep nourishment and hair protection.


Technologist-Trichologist Consultation


Thanks to the use of trichoscopy equipment for the scalp and hair with an increasing ability of 60, 200 and 1000 times, a specialist will study the hair structure and cuticle, the condition of the scalp, tell about the health status of your scalp and hair, and evaluate the need of treatment.

After that, the specialist will draw up a care plan and conduct restoration and nutrition of hair based on natural ingredients, essential oils and phytoactives, natural sorbents.  After attendance, you will receive detailed recommendations on further care for hair and scalp.

Attention!  Dryness, fluffiness, hair loss should be treated, and not hidden by cosmetic methods.  And our experts will help you with this.


All consultations in “HairMed” are by appointment.  To make an appointment, use the form below!

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Technologist-Trichologist Consultation

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