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Restoring a damaged, depigmented hair shaft. Nutrition, moistening, recovery.
It contains a protein shake, vitamins A and B, amino acids, silk proteins, peptides, collagen and elastin.
Conducted 1 procedure of eco reconstruction + appointed the right home care.


Eco-reconstruction of natural (partially extended) hair.
Vitamin shake, proteins, hydrolyze oils, amino acids,
salts, ceramides and vitamin complex.


Moisturizing and compacting procedure from the Hair Bar menu.
As part of the vitamin B complex, plum phytoactive and plant-derived hyaluronic acid


Eco-reconstruction of natural hair after summer, sun and beach.
Vitamin shake, proteins, hydrolyze doils.


Eco-reconstruction with natural hair after the summer, sun and beach.
Vitamin shake, proteins, hydrolyzed oils.


Hair Med

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