Scalp peelings

Peeling – is a better and deeper cleansing of the scalp, the upper epidermic layer, from dirt, accumulations of metabolism products. There are several types of peeling:

  • Preventive peeling is made to maintain the quality of the skin. After the procedure, the skin breathes, high-quality cell regeneration occurs, skin pH and microbiome are regulated.
  • Detox scalp peeling. It is made for deep skin cleansing from toxins and metabolism products. The skin runs a filter function in our body that should be periodically cleansed. After the procedure, skin breath is normalized, the skin is unloaded, and the struggle against free radicals becomes more effective. It causes an anti age effect (prevention of aging).
  • Antibacterial peelings. The purpose is – removal of bacterial load from skin, recovery of PH balance, microbiome and integrity in all desquamative processes (seborrhea, dermatitis, osteofolliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis). After a procedure inflammation processes become slower, that helps to stop hair loss, remove itch, painful sensation, discomfort.
    The skin and its regenerative function recover. 
  • Stop psoriasis.
    Peeling is made during recrudescence and causes:
    – removal of skin desquamation;
    – normalization of regeneration process and skin cell division;
    – removal of inflammations and recovery of skin integrity;
    – removal of desquamative processes;
    entering the remission stage.
  • Stimulation peelings help to recover blood microcirculation process, providing high-quality nutrition of hair follicles. Prevention care and normalization of the vascular bed happens, the speed of cell division and regeneration increases. After the procedure – strengthening all stimulation processes, recovering hair structure, stopping hair loss, awakening of ‘’sleeping follicles’’, prevention of skin aging. 

If you need help in hair or scalp recovery, it means that you should consult with a technologist-rehabilitologist. Expert will perform diagnosis, determine the cause of problem appearance. After that, including individual features, makes up a plan of care or treatment, refers you for a procedure, selects an agent that will make a struggle against hair dryness and fatness, seborrhea or dermatitis treatment maximum effective. 

Treating and caring procedures for hair in the center ‘’HairMed’’


At the patient`s disposal our center has a wide range of procedures and techniques for hair and scalp care:

  • Eco hair reconstruction
  • Procedures that are oriented on tissue recovery, nutrition and protection. 
  • Struggle against scalp dryness and fatness using treating SPA procedures. 

Make an appointment for a consultation with an expert, he will obligatorily select the most appropriate procedures and cosmeceuticals, that will give back an attractive look to your hair, and health to your scalp. 

Treating and stimulating procedures for hair – an appointment for a consultation with an expert

All consultations are by appointment. Leave a request through the form below or order a call back so that the administrator of our center can contact you and schedule a visit at a convenient time.

Scalp peelings