Peeling – is a special skin cleansing procedure, during which the upper keratinized layer of the skin is removed, due to which the face is renewed and rejuvenated, irregularities and wrinkles disappear. The essence of peeling is to remove the upper “old” layer of cells so that renewal processes begin in the skin.

The action of peeling is to remove horny cells (scales), which become numerous with age and prevent the skin from “breathing”.

Peeling should be started at the age of 25 two times per month. It is also called the procedure of ‘’lunch pause’’. 

If a woman doesn’t have time for a course of cosmetic procedures, then she can and even should afford peeling. By regular passing skin becomes smoother, elastic, moisturized, because the production of skin lipids and collagen fibers is stimulated. By acne treatment – the use of peeling is necessary at any age and gives good results. 

Exists superficial, median and deep peeling. Superficial chemical facial peeling is perfect for skin tone change. Median peeling is responsible for wrinkles and scars. Through deep peeling, a moisturizing effect is achieved.

 A commonly used type of peeling that we use at “HairMed” is chemical peeling. Chemical peeling is passed with the help of special substances and chemicals that cause burn of the top layer of the skin, followed by exfoliation (mostly preparations based on the most gentle glycolic acid, salicylic, lactic, pyruvic, almond are used). The depth of the “burn” depends on the concentration of the acid and the strength of the impact.

Chemical peeling – indications:

  • prevention of aging;
  • acne, post-acne, stagnant spots treatment
  • removal of pigmentations;
  • removal of comedones, lipomas;
  • face and skin tone improvement;
  • skin moisturizing;
  • smoothing the skin relief;
  • pores lowering;
  • collagen and elastic fibers for skin elasticity recovery growth-stimulating.

An advantage of this method is deep impact, and, consequently – long-term results. 

Chemical peeling has its own contraindications: herpes disease, the proximity of blood vessels, fever, rashes, and inflamed skin. Chemical peeling is not recommended in summer.

To remove the inevitable post-procedural complications, it is customary to pre-prepare the skin at home with a weak solution of glycolic acid. 

The procedure of chemical peeling means chemical substances coating on the skin, namely fruit acids. 

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