Hair transplantation using Long Hair method

Long hair transplantation – procedure that requires surgical precision from the surgeon and his team. Only in this case, the correct removal and implantation of healthy transplants will be ensured, which will take root and give excellent results. In comparison to other methods, using this method a patient doesn`t need to shave or cut hair. For some people (public, socially active) – this is the most important criteria of method choice, because they can not afford to make serious changes in their appearance. 

Hair transplantation using Long Hair method – advantages and features of the procedure

Features of the procedure: 

  1. Used for correction of small zones of hair thinning for men and women.
  2. The procedure is done using Trivellini Tech equipment. 
  3. Transplanted hair slips in 9-14 days after the procedure.
    Then they start to grow over again.
  4. Limitation by using this method – up to 1000 grafts. 

Advantages of the method: 

  • Non-sutures hair transplantation, without incisions and sutures. 
  • Postoperative traces are almost invisible for people. 
  • Results immediately after the procedure. 
  • The length of the hair does not reduce in the transplantation process.
  • Hair transplantation ends with a pretty short rehabilitation period. 


We invite you to visit a highly specialized hair treatment and transplantation center ‘’HairMed’’, where consultations on hair transplantation offers the founder of the center, hair trichologist-transplantologist with more than 12 years of experience, Ph.D. Baranov Ivan Viktorovych.


Hair treatment and transplantation center (Dnipro) – consultation and service cost
In the cost of the procedure ‘’Hair transplantation’’ are included: 

  1. Medical support in a center;
  2. Plasma therapy procedure; 
  3. Nutrition (We will ask about your preferences before the procedure);
  4. A set for care after the procedure. 

The consultation of a trichologist-transplantologist (Ukraine) is by appointment. Leave a request through the form below or order a call back so that the administrator of our center can contact you and schedule a visit at a convenient time. Also offering you to look through the hair transplantation value bundle.

Hair transplantation using Long Hair method