Hair transplantation using DHI method

If a patient needs hair transplantation, experts offer to use one of the most modern transplantation methods – DHI.

The abbreviation stands for Direct Hair Transplantation or direct hair transplantation.

The sense of the method involves: 

  1. Local anesthesia is done for the patient. 
  2. Hair follicles are taken from the donor zone, where hair grows good and thick (As a rule, on the back of the head)
  3. After removal by a surgeon, they are given to the assistants for counting and sorting. 
  4. Follicles are implanted into the recipient zone using a special pen, that is called Choi implanter.
    The assistant sets the graft in an implanter, after that hands it over to the surgeon for further implantation. 

During one procedure not more than 2500 grafts can be transplanted, without incisions and sutures, maximum quickly and painlessly. 

Advantages of the method

The progressive DHI technique has lots of positive sides that makes it popular in leading clinics all over the world: 

  1. Natural aesthetics effect. Use of Choi implanter allows us to transplant the hair at the ideal angle. 
  2. Non-sutures DHI hair transplantation can be done with partial haircut, as well as without it. 
  3. Flexibility – can be used for hair transplantation for men and women, for long and short hair, eyebrow transplantation, whiskers, beard, mustache.
  4. Incisions are not needed in an implantation zone – minimum interference with tissue integrity.
  5. Quick wound healing, maximum short and simple rehabilitation period. 


We invite you to visit a highly specialized hair treatment and transplantation center ‘’HairMed’’, where consultations on hair transplantation offers the founder of the center, hair trichologist-transplantologist with more than 12 years of experience, Ph.d. Baranov Ivan Viktorovych. Our experts do not only hair transplantation using FUE, FUT, DHI, Long Hair methods, but also hereditary baldness treatment, the restoration of split ends, thin, damaged hair. 

The consultation of trichologist-transpantologist, Ukraine

The cost of the hair transplant procedure includes: 

  1. Medical support in a center;
  2. Plasma therapy procedure; 
  3. Nutrition (We will ask about your preferences before the procedure);
  4. A set for care after the procedure. 


All consultations are by appointment. Leave a request through the form below or order a call back so that the administrator of our center can contact you and schedule a visit at a convenient time.

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Hair transplantation using DHI method