Facial mesotherapymethod of removal cosmetics skin drawbacks and moisturizing, aimed at rthe emoval of first signs of aging and withering of the skin, its tone and elasticity, through low-dose transdermal medication of stimulating preparations in problematic zones through injections, increasing. Only one preparation, as well as a mixture of different substances can be used.

While drafting a doctor chooses appropriate active substances and their concentration, adds necessary antioxidants, microelements or amino acids – everything that will be necessary in a concrete situation. 

The zone of ​​the treated surface, the number of injections and, consequently, the duration of the procedure depends on the purpose of mesotherapy.

Combining with the mesotherapy method, other cosmetic procedures are successfully used, such as contour plastic surgery, lips extension, face cleaning and peeling. 

Indications for the mesotherapy:

  • wrinkles;
  • withering, flabby, tired skin;
  • bags and circles under eyes;
  • smoker’s skin, other tone changes;
  • porous, oily or dry skin;
  • acneiform rash (out of exacerbation);
  • scars;
  • pigmentation spots;
  • couperosis, spider veins, microcirculation disorders;
  • face oval change due to the gravitational ptose or local fat sediments, such as
  • double chin;

Contraindications for the mesotherapy passing:

The method has some contraindications, discuss them with your doctor before the procedure: pregnancy and lactation; the period of menstruation, also 2-3 days before and after it; the presence of neoplasms at the intended injection zones (moles, warts, papillomas, purulent inflammations; psoriasis, various types of eczema and other systemic diseases that require serious complex treatment; problems with the cardiovascular system, including hemophilia; set pacemaker; any infective and oncological diseases; sugar diabetes; serious pathologies of the kidneys; taking medications that significantly affect the process of blood clotting; allergic reactions and individual intolerance to certain preparations.

Frequently asked questions:

  • At what age can I do mesotherapy?
    When the purpose of mesotherapy is moisturizing, then you should begin the procedures not earlier than 25 years.
  • How to carry out facial care after mesotherapy?
    After the procedure you should follow some simple rules for several hours – don’t touch the face, don’t use cosmetics, don’t attend saunas, baths and solariums.
  • How often can face mesotherapy be done?
    The course consists of 5-7 procedures that can be repeated every 6-12 months.
  • Which complications are possible?
    If all indications and contraindications to the procedure are followed, then there are almost no complications, excepting some slight swelling and redding. These consequences can be eliminated by ointments that your doctor will prescribe. 

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