Rehabilitation technologist Consultation

Rehabilitation technologist Consultation – Restoring and Preserving the Beauty of Your Hair 

Good hair condition, healthy shine, elasticity, rich color, density – this is what gives every girl and woman self-confidence. But many suffer from the fact that hair quality deteriorates over the course of life, and the use of cosmetics don’t have the desired effect. Our hair needs a kind of relaxation and treatment, restoration no less than the face or body. To cope with a problem, you need to find out why it has arisen. As well as to use professionally selected modern methods of rehabilitation, care, and protection of hair, scalp skin. All of this is the competence of a rehabilitation technologist.

What affects the condition of the scalp

The fight against hair dryness and head fatness, as well as other problems, begins with the elimination of negative effects. For the most part, the condition of this organ depends on the health of the body as a whole. But there are additional factors that have an impact – the use of cosmetics that do not correspond to the quality and devices for styling, various procedures (painting), an unfavorable environmental situation. As a result of this effect, the hair becomes dull, brittle, grow poorly, and falls out. The scalp also suffers – dryness and flaking, dandruff, increased oiliness, and itching may appear. Cosmetics in this situation give, albeit a positive, but often superficial, short-term result; in most cases, hair and scalp rehabilitation is required – a set of care procedures that can improve the condition and appearance of the strands.

Competence of a rehabilitation technologist

A rehabilitation technologist is a specialist who will make your scalp healthy and your hair beautiful, thick, shiny with the help of effective and absolutely safe preparations that do not contain chemicals. All procedures are prescribed strictly according to the indications after a thorough diagnosis of the condition of the strands and scalp. Restoration of hair structure, normalization of their condition, and appearance are carried out under the supervision of a specialist. After undergoing a course of therapy, a positive result will be obvious, at the same time, repeated diagnostics are required in order to make sure that the procedures are effective. After completing the rehabilitation and care plan, the client receives recommendations for maintaining the health and beauty of hair in the future. Home care is tailored for each individual.

Haircare procedures

Our specialists carry out a number of procedures aimed at restoring, nourishing, and protecting the scalp: 

  1. Detoxification of hair shafts – cleansing, getting rid of the accumulation of chemicals obtained after the use of various cosmetics. 
  2. Cosmetics therapy – modern cosmetics with unique healing properties. 
  3. Eco hair reconstruction. Restoration of appearance, shine, strength, elasticity (for this purpose, professional products based on components of natural, organic origin are used). 
  4. Nutrition, restoration of the natural structure of curls with the help of phyto-preparations, natural compounds, essential oils, vitamin-mineral complexes, etc.

The optimal set of procedures is selected for each client, depending on the diagnostic results.

Scalp peeling and other skin regeneration procedures

We are accustomed to periodically peeling to maintain youth, beauty, the health of the skin of the face and body. But not everyone knows that the scalp also needs this procedure. At the same time, peeling of this area is very useful in terms of prevention and therapy, it allows you to:

  • Qualitatively and deeply cleanse the skin from dead cells, sebum, dirt, dust, and cosmetic residues. 
  • Improve the treatment of various skin diseases. For example, the treatment of seborrhea will be more effective as the intensity of inflammatory processes decreases after peeling.
  •  Normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminate increased fat content. 
  •  Stop the formation of dandruff. 
  •  Stimulate blood circulation, improve the absorption of nutrients, normalize hair growth.

The fight against dryness, oily scalp, and other problems should not occur exclusively at home. Professional peeling, as well as other therapeutic procedures, are effective and safe, after that you can proceed to home care using shampoos, masks, and other means.

Return beauty to your hair, and confidence to yourself – sign up for a consultation 

At the first signs of deterioration in the condition of your hair, you need to contact a specialist. Do not wait and hope that the situation will return to normal, believe me, this is unlikely to happen. Only the timely implementation of rehabilitation care procedures will help restore the beauty of curls from roots to ends, improve the skin and get rid of problems such as dandruff, seborrhea, and premature hair loss. Our center employs exclusively qualified specialists with extensive professional experience, we use eco-friendly drugs and modern equipment.

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Rehabilitation technologist Consultation