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Hair transplant price (January-June 2019):

Price (UAH / Graft)
From 1000 grafts (2200-2800 follicles)
25 UAH / graft
From 1500 grafts (3000-4500 follicles)
23 UAH / graft
From 2000 grafts (4000-6000 follicles)
22 UAH / graft
From 2500 grafts (6000-7500 follicles)
20 UAH / graft
Beard (from 600 grafts)
35 UAH / graft
From 12000 UAH
Pubic region
From 12000 UAH


Based on the answers to the questionnaire, the trichologist will be able to give a rough estimate of the problem, give recommendations, describe the method of operation and cost.

You must also: send some photos of your head taken from several angles, as in the picture below.

Hair Transplantation Cost

We will contact you within 3-4 days after receiving your application.

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