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Hair Hub is a therapeutic and prophylactic space based on the hair treatment and transplantation center “HairMed”.

Specialists deal with rehabilitation and maintenance of the scalp and hair shaft health, work closely with trichologists, dermatologists, and transplantologists.

Thanks to diagnostic equipment, as well as a comprehensive and individual approach to each client and patient, it is possible to solve a wide range of problems related to:

  • sensitive scalp;
  • seborrheic dermatitis;
  • hair loss and thinning;
  • deterioration of the hair structure;
  • psoriasis.

Hair Hub specialists create personalized programs to restore the hair shaft, maintain its beauty and health.

And they also select therapeutic care to maintain the therapeutic effect at home.

Hair Hub space – it is the treatment of all desquamation processes of the scalp, maintenance, and relaxation, and all this under the strict supervision of doctors.


Rehabilitation technologist Consultation

Good hair condition, healthy shine, elasticity, rich color, density - this is what gives every girl and woman self-confidence. But many suffer from the fact that hair quality deteriorates over the course of life, and the use of cosmetics don’t have the desired effect.

Hair shaft recovery

Eco-reconstruction of the hair - is a procedure that causes the return of all micro and macro elements in the hair shaft, that was given by nature from the outset.

Scalp peelings

Peeling - is a better and deeper cleansing of the scalp, the upper epidermic layer, from dirt, accumulations of metabolism products.

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