Aesthetic cosmetology is your way to perfection 

Modern cosmetology is a complex of highly effective and safe procedures aimed at:

  1. Deep facial cleansing.
  2. Recovery and regeneration of tissues by internal body reserves and by exposure to special preparations. 
  3.  Rejuvenation, skin lifting, elimination of wrinkles (mimic, age-related), increasing turgor and elasticity, hydration, and nutrition. 
  4.  Correction of facial features (lip augmentation, elimination of crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes, nasolabial folds, etc.). 
  5. Prevention of early age-related skin changes. 
  6. Elimination of the consequences of skin diseases such as acne, the consequences of negative effects of external factors, etc.

Facial cleansing procedures 

The facial skin of any type and at any age needs periodic deep cleaning. Thanks to such cleansing, the contents of the pores (sebum, dirt, residues of decorative cosmetics) are evacuated, blackheads and comedones are removed, and the appearance of inflammation and rashes is prevented. At home, with the help of scrubs and masks, it is very difficult to achieve the desired effect and at the same time not injure the tissue. If you contact a specialist of our center, he/she will offer to carry out a procedure that will not have any negative consequences. This could be:

  • Mechanical cleaning of the face. 
  • Peeling. 
  • Ultrasonic or combined cleaning.

The cosmetologist will advise you on how often you have to perform cleaning procedures, how to take care of the facial skin at home so that it will be less polluted.

Skincare in a cosmetology clinic 

If a woman takes care to preserve the youth and beauty of her face (neck, décolleté), she knows that it is necessary to carry out treatment procedures. Men who look after their appearance also resort to such modern methods, and male facial treatments are very popular.

Skin treatments allow to level the relief of the face, to tighten the oval, to relieve fatigue, to improve blood circulation and metabolism, to stimulate natural cell regeneration, to achieve a healthy complexion, to get rid of swelling, and to give freshness and natural inner glow. While a specialist does a massage or a mask, you relax, get distracted from everyday activities, get rid of the effects of everyday stress. After the procedure, both you and your skin look rested and refreshed, full of inner energy and health.

Injectable cosmetology

Are you dreaming of returning youth or preserving beauty, but do not want to resort to the services of a plastic surgeon? Then you need to try the methods of injection cosmetology that are practiced in our center. These are absolutely safe, almost painless procedures that involve minimal intervention in the tissues, with the help of which it is possible to obtain a quick visible and high-quality effect of rejuvenation.

Injectable cosmetology includes a whole group of procedures based on the administration of a variety of preparations with the use of the finest needles. The needles are inserted into different layers of the skin (depending on the type of procedure). Among the most popular services in the field of injection cosmetology: are mesotherapy, biorevitalization, botulinum therapy, contour plastics.

Mesotherapy – a youthful cocktail for your skin 

Mesotherapy is one of the modern methods of skin rejuvenation by introducing carefully selected active substances into its layers. Such a cocktail may contain vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and other highly effective biologically active components. Mesotherapy is good because other methods of rejuvenation or correction of facial features can be applied simultaneously with it.

Botox injections – forget about expression lines 

Botox is a drug that selectively affects muscle tissue, relaxing them and preventing the appearance of expression lines (tactile sensations and sensitivity are preserved). Botox is also used to lift certain areas.

How to get a consultation with a specialist 

Aesthetic cosmetology is a series of procedures, techniques, and methods that help preserve and create beauty that is so valued in the modern world. And the specialists of our center have perfectly mastered these methods, they have professional experience and the necessary skills, they have at their disposal innovative equipment in order to satisfy the needs of each client. It doesn’t matter what procedure you need – elementary face peeling, injections, hardware rejuvenation technique – do not postpone your visit to a specialist until tomorrow.

All consultations are by appointment. Leave a request through the form below or order a call back so that the administrator of our center will contact you and schedule a visit at a convenient time.



Facial cleansing is shown by oily skin with clogged pores, and also having not inflamed acne rash. The sense of the cleaning involves removal of the comedo manually using special sterile equipment. Exactly sterility is the main reason why this procedure shouldn’t be done at home. 


Peeling - is a special skin cleansing procedure, during which the upper keratinized layer of the skin is removed, due to which the face is renewed and rejuvenated, irregularities and wrinkles disappear. The essence of peeling is to remove the upper "old" layer of cells so that renewal processes begin in the skin.


Facial mesotherapy – method of removal cosmetics skin drawbacks and moisturizing, aimed at rthe emoval of first signs of aging and withering of the skin, its tone and elasticity, through low-dose transdermal medication of stimulating preparations in problematic zones through injections, increasing. Only one preparation, as well as a mixture of different substances can be used.


Contour lips plastic surgery gives a possibility to achieve a result, not being operated in the traditional meaning of this word. This procedure will help to increase the volume of the lips, more clearly outline their contour or correct it, give the lips the necessary swelling and expressiveness.

Botulinum therapy

Remove wrinkles, prolong youth and beauty - this is the dream of every girl, woman who notices the beginning of age-related changes. In modern cosmetology, many ways and methods of non-surgical rejuvenescence are used. One of these methods is botulinum therapy.

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