Botulinum therapy

Remove wrinkles, prolong youth and beauty – this is the dream of every girl, woman who notices the beginning of age-related changes. In modern cosmetology, many ways and methods of non-surgical rejuvenescence are used. One of these methods is botulinum therapy.

Wrinkles correction, Dnipro – why exactly botox

Botox is a toxin that is produced by some bacteria. This substance influences the tissues uniquely. It helps to unbrace the muscles that cause wrinkles. Thanks to low molecular mass, botox influences only aimed muscle, without acting on contiguous tissues. It causes the removal of wrinkles. The effect of a substance is temporary, it doesn’t induce muscle paralysis, in several months its functioning will be fully recovered. 


Using ‘’beauty injections’’not only mimic wrinkles correction is made, but also some other aesthetic defects can be removed. Indications for using botox injections or preparations based on it are: 

  1. Eye-around wrinkles, between eyebrow arcs, on the forehead (both vertical and horizontal). 
  2. Eyebrow asymmetry.
  3. Folds in the back of the nose, wide nose alae or lowered tip. 
  4. Taenia on the neck. 
  5. Chin and lips wrinkles. 
  6. Downturning mouth. 
  7. Fuzzy oval and facial asymmetry. 


There are contraindications for botulinum therapy, about which you should know: 

  1. Pregnancy and lactation period. 
  2. Preparation taking, that influences blood clotting ability. 
  3. Antibiotics taking.
  4. The tendency for keloid scars forming. 
  5. Oncology.
  6. Protein allergy (botox – protein)
  7. Any acute diseases, recrudescence of chronic diseases. 


Advantages of botulinum therapy, how does the procedure run 

The procedure takes 30 minutes. Firstly the patient makes an appointment at the consultation, checkup, a doctor confirms the absence of contraindications. Then the patient takes up a comfortable beach chair position on the couch. After that, botox is injected into desired zones, using ultrathin needles. 


Botulinum therapy procedure is highly sought in cosmetology, because it has lots of advantages: 

  1. The perfect alternative to such traumatic rejuvenescence methods, like plastic surgery. 
  2. There is no rehabilitation period. 
  3. The effect will be increasing gradually during 10-14 days.
  4. The prolonged effect, that lasts 4-5 and even 6 months. 


Also, botulinum therapy can be used simultaneously with thread lifting, bio revitalization, mesotherapy, contour plastic surgery, and a variety of care procedures.

Botox injections, Dnipro – an appointment at the consultation in the center HairMed

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Botulinum therapy