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Hereditary hair loss in men

With the problem of androgenic (hereditary hair loss) more than 75% of the world's men have experienced.Men with visible thinning and baldness look older, and this also causes aesthetic and psychological discomfort.This problem occurs even when men is absolutely healthy. Hair loss begins with progressing…



Microvideo diagnostics (trichoscopy) is a method of studying hair using a special apparatus for trichoscopy.  This is the main method for examining the scalp and hair, which must be carried out at the consultation of a trichologist. After the study, you can diagnose a possible cause…


Diffuse hair loss

Diffuse hair loss - is one of the most common forms of baldness among women. Diffuse hair loss is manifested by extensive hair loss in the amount of 100-300 units per day.  Unlike androgenetic alopecia, it does not have a specific zoning.  Diffuse hair loss is more common…


Postpartum hair loss

The happiness of the child appearance is accompanied by chores and care around a new human. In this confusion, you do not have time to take care of yourself.  But, the problem of hair loss makes you pay attention to yourself and your health.In the body…


Androgenetic Alopecia in Women

To look young, a young face is not enough, because luxurious, thick, beautiful hair is an essential part of woman's figure! Every woman monitors the condition and beauty of her hair.  And most often, hair thinning is noticed in the very early stages.  This allows the trichologist…


Hair loss due to stress

Our life is full of surprises, good and bad.  The body reacts approximately the same to very good and very bad events - the development of stress.Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?Many people notice hair loss in 2-3 months after an exciting situation.  This process is natural and…

Почему у мужчин растет или не растет борода?

Why men’s beard grows or doesn’t grow?

On men's faces at different stages of history there has always been a beard. It often served as pride for men, it protected from the cold, was a hallmark of the class.  It was often grown or banned;  it came into fashion, it was considered a relic of…


Microneedle therapy

Microneedle therapy - a method that stimulates the penetration of active substances and increases their concentration in the skin.  Accordingly, it enhances the effect of the medication and improves the result.  There is stimulation of blood circulation, increased blood flow and nutrition of the hair follicle, there…


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