No-shave FUE method

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is a minimally invasive technique that involves the extraction of hair grafts (hair follicles) using the point method without linear incisions and rhaphes.  In the classical non-shaving method of hair transplantation, one of the preparatory steps is to cut the hair in the donor zone.  The hair length should be 1-2 mm for grafts (follicular connections).

The new FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is designed for men and women who cannot afford a haircut in nape, have no significant areas of hair thinning or baldness (areas of bald patches, the crown of the head, hair thinning in the middle parting, and other).

After the procedure, no one will notice that you have undergone a hair transplant, there is no need to grow hair in the nape.  This technique is intended for public and socially active people.

With this method, hair transplantation in one step up to 1000 grafts is possible.  We recommend this method with good donor resources and the presence of volumetric zones of hair thinning and baldness.

This procedure requires of transplant surgeon and his team jewelry accuracy and respect for the received grafts.

Benefits of a No-shave Follicular Unit Extraction Method 

  • there is no linear scar in the nape;
  • do not cut hair before surgery;
  • a minimum of discomfort in the period after the operation;
  • short rehabilitation period, in comparison with other types of operations;
  • there is no need to grow hair in the nape.

Processes of the procedure

For such hair transplantation, specialized tools are used.  The procedure requires the high professionalism of the team and high accuracy and carefulness when taking grafts (follicular units).  Allowed procedure volume – up to 1500 grafts per session.

For hair transplantation, local anesthesia is applied according to the methodology of Professor Akaki Tsilosani.

After hair transplant with the FUE method little cicatrix in the form of small red dots remains on the nape, which heals and becomes invisible over time.

After the hair transplant procedure

At HairMed center, we use the most advanced methods for restoring hair growth. After the procedure, you will receive detailed recommendations on how to behave for 14 days after the procedure.

You can also read the recommendations on our website.

How to prepare for a hair transplant?

The main thing in preparation for this procedure – is a consultation with an experienced transplantologist.

In the Hair Transplantation and Treatment Center “HairMed” consults and performs operations the founder of the center, a trichologist-transplantologist with more than 12 years of experience, Ph.D. Baranov Ivan Viktorovich.

After consultation you will receive a step-by-step plan and a clearly predicted result.

The cost of the hair transplant procedure includes:

  • Medical support in the clinic;
  • Plasma therapy procedure;
  • Nutrition (we will learn about your preferences before the procedure);
  • Set for care after the procedure.

All consultations are by appointment. Leave a request through the form below or request a call back so that the administrator of our center can contact you and schedule a visit at a convenient time.

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No-shave FUE method