Microvideo diagnostics (trichoscopy) is a method of studying hair using a special apparatus for trichoscopy.  This is the main method for examining the scalp and hair, which must be carried out at the consultation of a trichologist. After the study, you can diagnose a possible cause of hair loss and make a preliminary diagnosis. For research, the HairMed Trichology Center is equipped with the Aramo SG specialized trichoscopy machine and specialized software.

The apparatus for trichoscopy makes it possible to increase x60, x200 and x1000 times. The resulting image is displayed on the monitor in real time and stored on the computer. After micro-video diagnostics, a trichologist can determine the cause of hair loss and select the necessary treatment.

Individual patient card

After micro-video diagnostics, the HairMed Center trichologist creates an individual electronic patient card, where the received diagnostic data will be saved. In the process of treatment and upon its completion, repeated micro-video diagnostics (trichoscopy) is performed.  The result of treatment is compared with the initial results.  So the treating trichologist monitors the dynamics of patient treatment.

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