Postpartum hair loss

The happiness of the child appearance is accompanied by chores and care around a new human. In this confusion, you do not have time to take care of yourself.  But, the problem of hair loss makes you pay attention to yourself and your health.

In the body of a pregnant woman, the hormone estrogen is actively produced, which is responsible for the correct course of pregnancy. Under the influence of the hormone, hair follicles are actively developing, the hair cycle time is increasing, therefore, in pregnant women, the hair becomes thicker, stronger, grow faster.  After childbirth, estrogen levels decrease markedly, giving way to hormones responsible for milk production.

Postpartum hair loss is a very common occurrence.
Most often, hair loss begins 3–6 months after giving birth.  After this, the hormonal balance gradually normalizes.  On average, after a year, the problem should go away on its own.  In some situations, the process drags on several years and in such situation it is very difficult to restore hair growth.
It is always better and easier to start prevention at the first sign of hair loss. Taking into account the fact that the prevention and treatment of postpartum hair loss begins during lactation, so as not to harm the baby, seek the advice from the trichologist at HairMed.

Treatment should not be carried out with preparations and shampoos that have good reviews, but on the principle of “do no harm”, it is first of all important to take care of the baby’s health. Our experts use exclusively professional cosmeceuticals to treat hair loss.