Hereditary hair loss in men

With the problem of androgenic (hereditary hair loss) more than 75% of the world’s men have experienced. Men with visible thinning and baldness look older, and this also causes aesthetic and psychological discomfort. This problem occurs even when men is absolutely healthy. Hair loss begins with progressing thinning of the hair and until the appearance of bald patches in the crown of the head.  It is not possible to stop this process on your own.

The cause of androgenic alopecia in men
Male pattern baldness is natural and is predetermined by heredity.  The male sex hormone testosterone goes into the active form of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for hair growth or male pattern hair loss. If the hair is sensitive to DHT, it triggers a smooth cell death in the hair growth zone.  They are thinned until they disappear forever.

Treating male pattern hair loss
There are two approaches to maintaining hair growth:

The therapeutic approach consists in the constant use of preparations with 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. At HairMed, the trichologist will select the necessary medicinal preparations against hereditary hair loss.  Preparations help to improve growth and injection techniques.  Good results in the treatment of hair loss can be achieved by using specialized procedures: mesococktails, plasma therapy, microneedle therapy.  These methods will save hair growth for several years.  But not forever.

The surgical approach is to transplant hair from the occipital region to the bald area.  This approach is the most effective and allows you to restore hair growth in the bald area for a long period.

Hair transplantation is performed by FUE technique and Strip method.