Microneedle therapy

Microneedle therapy – a method that stimulates the penetration of active substances and increases their concentration in the skin.  Accordingly, it enhances the effect of the medication and improves the result.  There is stimulation of blood circulation, increased blood flow and nutrition of the hair follicle, there is an improvement in cell division and regenerative functions of the skin.

For this, a special device is used – dermaroller. Synonyms: scalproller, mesoscooter. Dermaroller allows mesotherapy with minimal damage to the surface layer of the skin with maximum effect. The length of the needles necessary for effective use should not exceed 0.5 mm.  The number of needles on a rotating drum is 540 needles.

By the using a dermaroller and medical products for hair or anti-aging meso preparations, the degree of penetration of the product into the skin to the hair follicles is tens of times greater in comparison with the traditional application of lotions to the scalp.  This result is confirmed by scientific studies of European scientists using laser scanning photograph technology.

The selection of the necessary medication is made at the trichologist consultation individually. Dermaroller can be used at home, after consultation with a trichologist.

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Microneedle therapy