Diffuse hair loss

Diffuse hair loss – is one of the most common forms of baldness among women. Diffuse hair loss is manifested by extensive hair loss in the amount of 100-300 units per day.  Unlike androgenetic alopecia, it does not have a specific zoning.  Diffuse hair loss is more common for women.
It is characterized by equally hair loss and thinning.
This is clearly seen with macro-video diagnostics (trichoscopy).
Causes of Diffuse hair loss

The reasons of development can be:

• lack or imbalance of trace elements;
• chronic infectious diseases;
• hereditary factor;
• thyroid disorders with hormonal imbalance;
• hypoferric anemia;
• vegetative-vascular dystonia;
• disturbed circulation;
• osteochondrosis of the cervical and thoracic regions, etc.

Diffuse alopecia – Treatment

The method of treatment depends on the identified pathology.  Often requires additional examination and consultation of interdisciplinary specialists.  Examination may include: general clinical blood tests, blood tests for thyroid hormones and sex hormones, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, pelvic organs, thyroid gland, neck vessels.  The list of examinations is prescribed by a trichologist.
In parallel with the examination, the trichologist prescribes the initial therapy for the restoration of hair growth and after receiving the results of all analyzes, the specialist carries out the correction of the treatment, adding the necessary therapy.

Diffuse hair loss