You must have heard about keratin hair restoration. In any major beauty salon or hairdresser, this trendy service is offered. Let’s look at the pros and cons of keratin hair restoration together.

To begin with, keratin hair restoration should not be confused with hair lamination.  Although hair lamination is no less popular among salon services and considered as more gentle method, this procedure has a more destructive effect on hair. Keratin hair restoration is a quick and relatively gentle way to straighten and transform curls.  Hair daily looks well-groomed and healthy, as if just from the salon.  Great for terribly busy ladies, but wanting to always look great.

How keratin hair restoration works?

Keratin is a protein that included in the hair. With damage, this protein is often destroyed and voids form the hairs. Because of this, the curls become brittle, weak, dull. Keratin treatment allows the fluid to get into all the hair shaft scales and retain new properties, helping to restore the desired balance in the structure.

During a salon hair restoration procedure, a keratin agent coat the hair and its components penetrate deep into the structure under the influence of heat.  As a result, the locks become smooth, due to this there is an additional shine.  Also, the patch cover each hair thickens them and strengthens them.  After the procedure, the hair looks very attractive and quite healthy.  This effect lasts for 5 to 10 weeks, gradually disappearing.  After that, you must contact the salon again to carry out keratin recovery again.  In this case, a cumulative effect will be observed and the result will be better and better.

However, the keratin composition does not treat hair, but only transforms them externally. And as soon as the remains are washed out of the locks, their previous state returns. Moreover, it can rarely worsen because keratin-weighted curls and hair become even weaker and may even begin to fall out. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the condition of the curls, as well as the amount of money, to understand whether the procedure for keratin hair restoration is right for you.

Hair Care after Keratin Recovery

Care after keratin hair restoration is simple. However, it is still necessary to observe some recommendations, especially at first, in order to maintain the effect for a longer period. In the first 3 days after visiting the beauty salon it is not allowed to wash your head, curl your curls and in any way change the created form with such difficulty. And this means rejection of hairpins, hairstyles with elastic bands, and it is not even advisable to lay locks behind the ears.  That is, try to keep the curls perfectly straight all the time.

Hair care after keratin recovery.

In the future, wash your hair only with special sulfate-free shampoo.  Otherwise, the result is fairly quickly neutralized. It is better to dye the hair before the recovery procedure.  However, if you want to do this already after you should wait at least three weeks. After some time, but not earlier than after a month and a half, it will be possible to carry out a correction, which will no longer take much time and will also cost a little cheaper.

Pros and cons of keratin hair restoration

Positive results speak in favor of the procedure:

Opinion of specialists about keratin hair restoration

Specialists do not give unambiguous opinions about the profit or downsides of given procedure. Keratinization is indicated after perming or bleaching, it allows you to strengthen the hair structure. However, regular use of keratin in this format can lead to weakening of the hair follicles and their loss, due to the constant weighting due to the applied composition.  It is recommended to consult a qualified trichologist before visiting the salon.