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Hair Transplantation and Treatment Center

For the first time, HairMed opened its doors in 2015 as a trichology office. Constantly improving technological processes, methods and our own skills in January 2018, we grew from an office to the “Hair Treatment and Transplantation Center” and provide the best and extended list of services in Ukraine!

The center specializes in diagnostics, complex treatment, hair restoration and transplantation. HairMed treats problems associated with the structure of hair, increased hair loss, the appearance of bald patches and all kinds of baldness (alopecia).



At the HairMed Center, hair and scalp diseases are treated not superficially, but comprehensively!

Hair problems are often associated with related issues, at our center can arrange you an appointment with:

  • Trichologist-transplantologist
  • Trichologist-dermatologist
  • Technologist trichologist
  • Trichopigmentologist
  • Dermatologist
  • Nutritionist
  • Psychologist

The high level of our professionalism and the use of modern technology guarantee the best result. Only at the HaiMed Center you will receive the right treatment for hair and skin, because we have gathered professionals who will advise in different areas of health and help get rid of the very cause of a health problem, and not just hide the symptoms.


  • Experience in hair treatment and hair transplant since 2009
  • Use innovative methods of hair transplantation that provides a natural look and maximum density of transplanted hair.
  • Successfully used as patchwork (Strip) method, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), metaphorically microtransplantation of hair and an improved method of transplantation hair without haircut.
  • The first in Ukraine apply unique technology vasculo-stromal fraction Regenera transplantation of hair through the use of increasing the percentage of grafts survival and improves their growth.
  • Constantly improve knowledge and skills. Our specialists are constantly improving and undergoing various trainings, attend seminars in the specialty.


The Center uses modern trichoscopy equipment of the scalp and hair with a magnifying ability of 60, 200 and 1000 times. Due to which it is possible to study the condition of the hair and scalp, establish the cause of the violation, hair loss and baldness. The picture is immediately displayed on the monitor and makes it possible to determine the quality of the skin and blood vessels, to characterize the activity of the sebaceous glands and the quality of the perifollicular zone, structure, thickness, density of hair growth.

All obtained diagnostic data and analysis results are stored in an individual electronic map.  Due to this, the treating trichologist can observe the dynamics of treatment. The selection of treatment is carried out during the consultation of the trichologist after the diagnosis of scalp and hair.


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    In HairMed has already undergone consultation, treatment or have been operated patients from different regions of Ukraine and from 18 countries of the world.

    Only positive. We really liked a doctor, she told us everything in detail, gave us complete information, prescribed the treatment that we have already begun, and literally from the first day we saw a small, but result.

    I really liked the doctor. I am extremely pleased that I came to her for a consultation. She takes care of her patients, she is a good person.

    Good, smart doctor. She wrote out the referrals for tests, advised where to go. I am satisfied, I thought nothing would help, but she helped me.

    The doctor is very competent, qualified specialist. At the consultation, I received answers to all my questions and was very pleased with the reception. Thank you doctor, I will recommend you to my friends.

    This is not the first time I have come to this doctor and I am satisfied with the reception. Doctor’s recommendations always bring a positive result. Thank.

    Everything is good, I liked everything. A good doctor, qualified, experienced, told everything, there is no result yet, it will be in six months, and I liked everything, a good doctor. I was five minutes behind time. They were waiting for me, everything was fast.

    I really liked everything, a qualified doctor, explained everything. There are no complaints to the clinic, I was ten minutes behind time, they accepted me. Thank you so much. Everything is fine.

    The doctor is very good, attentive, professional in his field. She served us very well, explained everything in detail, we understood everything. We will be treated further with this doctor.

    Attentive doctor, questioned everything in great detail, order a blood test, I am pleased with the reception.

    The doctor said everything clearly, there was no “water”, he approached the matter professionally, gave a good appointment, shows understanding, I explained that additional procedures are expensive for me, everything was prescribed very well, the doctor was generally good.


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